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European Digital Forum 2018: the TV industry has reached a turning point.

The fifteenth European Digital Forum indicates that the television industry has reached the key point of development. Enterprises in this industry should make full use of sophisticated technology and services to adopt and adapt to new business models.

The forum was held in Luca, Tuscany, Italy. As in the past, the beginning of the conference was addressed by AndyWilson, head of business development of DigitalProductionPartnership (DDP). He believes that with the emergence of new products in the global market, this era needs new global strategies and ideas. He pointed out that, despite the decrease in the number of independent manufacturers over the past ten years, market funds have been greatly increased with the promotion of new delegate groups and partners. He also pointed out that with the development and mainstreaming of cloud production system, the competition pattern of the whole market has changed.

PaulGrey, director of research and analysis at IHSMarkit, points out the surprising fact that in developed countries, the number of TV sets in households is decreasing. Because of the change of consumption trend, the influence of the TV screen, the wide application of mobile service and other factors should be considered when analyzing the reasons of the decrease in the number of home TV.

PaulGrey found: "mobile video usage is rising, but the reality is more subtle. We are blurring the boundaries between mobile devices and TV. Users move through mobile devices and bring new ideas into the media ecosystem. Users have developed the habit of watching videos using mobile devices, but the video content they watched on mobile devices gradually became similar to the content of television. If the user's viewing content on the YouTube is transformed from short video clip to video that is similar to a TV program, users will watch a fairly long series of new plays on the site. Pure TV companies, such as Netflix, are expanding their investment in the mobile sector. Personal computers and mobile devices are now becoming gateways for increasing TV screen usage and video on demand. With the emergence of BBCiPlayer and other network TV broadcasting platforms, users can use their mobile phones to view new services, and then convert video content to the main TV to get a better experience. The outdoor use of mobile devices does not compete with television. It is a new way to watch videos.

Grey also pointed out that ultra high definition television (UltraHD) is moving to mobile platforms, such as the Dolby horizon has been supported on smartphones such as LGG6, and consumers may experience HDR for the first time on their phones. MohammedHamza, senior research analyst at the standard & Poor's intelligence department, believes that the challenge of 4K is to shift the experience of paid TV to the online world. He describes Canal+'s decision to use AppleTV4K as a set-top box for "breakthroughs", which is one of the most versatile and most powerful set-top boxes in the market. He believes that under the role of set-top box, the decision of Canal+ will be successful. BenjaminSchwarz, senior management consultant at the UltraHD forum, added that 2018 will be the year of HDR, especially for HLG and PQ10 standards. He disclosed that at present, 51 Commercial super HD services are launching HDR10 live TV channels. More than 1/4 of UltraHD services use HDR, of which 50% use HDR10 standard, 43% use HLG standard.

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