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LGD will abandon the large size LCD monitor and continuously increase the OLED panel.

LG Display originally planned to produce the 10.5 generation of LCD in the new plant, but then transformed the production line into the OLED production line. As a result of the rapid growth of Chinese panel enterprises and the negative impact of the global LCD market on the competitiveness of Korean enterprises, the global LCD supply bottleneck has been caused by LGD.

An official of LGD said, "the investment in P10 has indeed been postponed, but the company will soon decide on this matter and what kind of manufacturing technology it will adopt." The delay in P10 investment is partly due to the fact that the show giant has not yet decided whether to use inkjet printing technology. Compared with the traditional evaporation method, this technology can make organic materials more evenly and accurately deposited on glass sheets.

The inkjet printing process is also very cost-effective, the world's largest mobile OLED manufacturer, Samsung, and Chinese companies, including Beijing and Huaxing, are also actively developing the technology development project. Despite its high efficiency and high output, inkjet printing technology is still not mature enough. Mastering the core technology has mastered the future. It is very important to choose the best solution for the most important evaporation technology in the OLED production line.

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